InVerse Scripture Memorization  

I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.
(Psalm 119:11)


BIG files. Please be patient, especially as they download on a sloooow modem. The viewlet slideshows will show an animation of InVerse features. There are buttons to the right of the movie to step forward or backward. This is helpful to slow down the movie, pause, or speed it up. Also, you will want to move your cursor out of the movie area, as there is an animated cursor that is used to simulate user actions. If your cursor is left in the movie area, it will be distracting. Note that these viewlets correspond to the InVerse tutorial split into multiple pieces.

  • Using Viewlets (166 kb) Provides an orientation to actually using viewlets. The various parts of the movie and button controls are explained.
  • Basic Familiarity Quick Tour
  • (624 kb) Provides a quick tour of the InVerse application, including the Passage Viewer and Passage Selector. Other parts of the main window are briefly introduced, and it shows how to exit and restart InVerse. Also, viewlets are briefly described.
  • 10 Minute Tour
  • (2770 kb -- 10 minute slideshow) Provides an orientation to the InVerse application. It corresponds to an abbreviated tutorial. To fit it within 10 minutes, it moves faster than the other viewlets, and it may change slides before you are done reading it. :-( Sorry :-( It is a composite of other movies, so you can watch those instead ... or you can use the viewlet buttons on the right side of the movie area to control the pace.

  • Starting InVerse (200 kb) Demonstrates the two ways to launch the InVerse application, and then closing the opening Tip-of-the-Day. Your screen will look different from the movie, depending on the version of Windows you are using, and which applications you have installed.
  • Help Orientation (1,660 kb) Demonstrates the various kinds of Help provided by InVerse. This includes traditional help (by clicking on the Help menu and then selecting a sub-menu such as Overview or Topics) and Context Sensitive Help.
  • Progress and Visibility (314 kb) Animates several very basic features of InVerse, including revising the Progress for a particular passage, and changing the passage Visibility.
  • Navigation Buttons (633 kb) Demonstrates using the Navigation buttons in the upper right. These buttons are used to move around between passage flashcards. Unlike other menu items, these buttons work immediately.
  • Passage Selector (1,350 kb) Illustrates using the Passage Selector to view different passage flashcards. Like the tutorial, it uses the 34 RSV passages to simplify learning. The other translations have up to 471 passages, which can be overwhelming, at least at first. (If you select All translations, there are over 2,330 passages.)
  • View Recitation Categories (428 kb) Demonstrates using the View menu buttons to see different categories of recitation frequency. This is an alternative to using the Passage Selector.
  • Not Started Passage Selected for Learning (400 kb) To prepare to memorize a new passage, we look through the Not-Started category and find which one to undertake. Its How Often To Recite setting is changed from Inactive to Learning.
  • Simulate Mastery and Less Frequent Recitation (547 kb) As a passage is Mastered, it can have its How Often To Recite setting changed from Learning to Learned. Mastered passages don't need to be recited as often, but frequently enough to not forget them.
  • Reset Passages to Prepare to Use Software (205 kb) Put all passages back where they started. This allows retaking the tutorial, or to actually start using InVerse for real.
  • Add Passage
  • (1450 kb) Simulate using Add-Passage for Mark 16:15-16 from the NKJV. Includes use of several sources of verses to copy/paste, such as Bible Explorer,, and e-Sword.
  • Edit Passage
  • (620 kb) Demonstrate using Edit-Passage for 1st John 4:8. The text to be memorized is expanded from three words to three verse.
  • Preferences
  • (1820 kb) Simulates user-selectable options from the Preferences menu, including Flyover, Font Size, Background bitmaps, Translations, and Confirmations.
  • Installation Notes (450 kb) Illustrates the procedure for actually downloading and installing the InVerse software. The "official" download sites are visited, along with several freeware and shareware sites. Options to avoid overwriting previous data are explained.
  • Contact Us for sending feedback and requesting support. (305 kb) Illustrates the procedure for sending feedback and requesting support. InVerse has a yahoo e-group community forum for these purposes.
  • InVerse
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